Benefits and Features of Recii

Discover how Recii can integrate and optimize your recruitment process to provide suitable and accurate, profiled, identified and assessed quality job candidates in less time. Recii, a voice enabled AI technology solution, that uses natural conversation throughout the entire Recii process.

Recruiters will see an immediate value to their business by saving time and increased placements — integrated with existing CRM solutions, recruiters initiate engagements with Recii, allowing automated candidate screening and assessments over multiple channels, including phone call. Our AI technology will help filter the best candidates so your recruiters can focus on the client relationships and generating more business.

Recii for Recruiters

Recii frees up the time of recruitment consultant and hiring managers, enabling them to focus more on building strong client relationships and nurturing candidates for success. By using natural conversation and automating the early stages of candidate engagement, recruiters candidate reach can be extended, assessment consistency achieved, and costs reduced.

Recii for Internal HR

Recii enables internal human and people resources teams to maximise staff retention and save money by simplifying and automating the initial stages of both external recruitment and internal mobility. Automated staff appraisals can increase staff retention and with the AI engine, can predict career paths of your employees. Internal managers can have a single, powerful recruitment and management tool that makes it easier and more efficient to fill both internal and external positions.

Empower recruiters and candidates to converse anytime, anywhere, on any channel

Unlock Your Voice Using Natural Conversation

In conversation, it is easy to talk to Recii. Now, recruits can use natural conversation to seamlessly integrate with the latest AI technology and voice biometric solutions to deliver an uncompromised and efficient recruitment experience.

An AI Assistant Who Really Listens to You

Meet Recii, the AI assistant you can talk to you about a new job role. Recii listens and guides candidates through the assessment process in a fluid and natural conversational way through chat on the phone or at your computer.

Candidates Can Do Screening Interview on Their Own Schedule

Candidates can call, text, WhatsApp, or online chat via phone or computer to hear about job roles and do an initial screening interview when it meets their schedule and when they are relaxed. Recruiters do not have to waste time scheduling and can reach a wider pool of potential candidates in less time.

Find the Best Candidates, Verify Credentials

With our AI solutions, it is easier to verify and accurately validate top candidates so you are improving the quality of the candidate pool faster and ensure they have the right credentials and are the right candidate for the job.

Save time and money recruiting candidates

Saving Time = Saving Money = More Placements = More Money

When recruiters spend less time and are able to recruit better more qualified candidates, your business saves time and money. In turn, you then can make more placements and more money

Save 70-80% of Recruitment Time

Recii aims to automate up to 80% of the recruiters and consultants daily tasks, making it easier and more efficient to undertake their candidate searching, profiling, pre-screening and matching.

Analytics Your Can Visualize

Visualise data by job specification on a secure and personalised dashboard to discover trends, identify immediate actions, and highlight areas of focus.

Rich Insights Improve Recruiting Results

Make the data work for you, enhancing client engagements become more successful by understanding your customer requirements and job briefs to place more successful candidates.

Customer Relationship Management

Have immediate access to all engagements and see progress of on-going candidate assessments, identifying candidate matches, and highlighting campaign success rates.

Enhance current systems with innovative AI technology

Innovative AI Technology to Bolster Existing Tools

Our AI solutions work well with existing tools so you don’t have to rip and replace, you can enhance your tools in a cost-effective way so you see immediate business value.

Voice Print is Your Password, Providing Built-in Security

Just start speaking and our voice biometric technology will verify your identity. Assessments will be automatically and securely stored against candidate profiles, hosted within a secure database.

Explore Niche Sectors

New opportunities are arriving everyday and with AI supporting you, these new areas and opportunities can now be explored. Enhance your services and strengthen client relationships, promote additional services, and win new business.

Innovate, Don’t Deteriorate

Our technology is constantly evolving and we are constantly innovating. Voice technology is our first step in information access, data analysis, and biometric security.

AI Technology with Blockchain Verification

Our AI technology will ensure that every candidate’s qualifications and certifications are validated and verified using Blockchain technology. No more ambiguity on CV’s or candidate profiles. Just the truth for you and your clients.

Personalise, don’t generalise

Every candidate, every client, every company and every recruitment agency is unique.

We want to keep it that way.

Our AI solutions listen to the natural conversation of recruiters and candidates and maintain personalisation and optimise the recruitment process.


Meet Recii, the AI assistant who really listens to you