RECii wants to change the mindset over the recruitment industry

There is a very negative stigma around the recruitment industry. However, when delving more into that stigma, I realised that it’s not the recruiters that the negativity is aimed at, but mainly the legacy recruitment processes that are in place. The fundamental issue is that many clients and candidates don’t see the value of recruiters and feel like their fees are too high. Discrepancies on screening candidates, identifying skills, validating qualifications and certifications, and placing poor candidates all add to the stigma. The inefficiencies in the processes also don’t help, putting more and more pressure on recruiters to make placements.

The mission is simple, isolate all the key issues that recruiters face and then implement highly innovative technology to solve these issues and revolutionize the industry.

So, how are we going to do it and what will the recruitment industry look like after?

How will RECii improve efficiency?

  • Issue: Legacy Recruitment – Recruiters are predominantly a 1-1 relationship. In that, they can only perform one task at a time, whether it be a CV review, phone interview etc.
  • RECii: AI, Voice, and Automation – With our system, we will work on multiple positions simultaneously. Screening 1000’s of candidates in the same time for a recruiter to do 1. Increasing the recruiter’s capabilities to place more candidates and build more client relations across multiple channels.

How will RECii improve identification and profiling?

  • Issue: Legacy Recruitment – Inaccuracies and discrepancies around speaking to the right person and whether that person is the correct fit for a company. Current processes allow elements of bias creep into recruiter perceptions.
  • RECii: Voice Biometrics and Psychometrics. – We will identify the correct person through our biometrics and ensuring their behaviour and personality are the correct fit for a company and not just skills. Automation and using AI, we are looking to eliminate bias from the equation.

How will RECii solve validation?

  • Issue: Legacy Recruitment – Has every CV been validated against experience, and skill set? More often than not, time pressures mean that inaccuracies in CV’s are overlooked.
  • RECii: Voice, Voice Biometrics and BlockChain –  We will check the experience, skills and employment history for a candidate CV. The decentralised BlockChain platform will ensure that validated information cannot be changed or manipulated for the purposes of a position.

How will RECii improve qualification?

  • Issue: Legacy Recruitment – For many positions, compliance needs to be met in ensuring the candidate has the right certifications, qualifications and part of any membership boards for the position.
  • RECii: Voice Biometrics and BlockChain – ensuring that we can identify the correct candidate and collaborate/verify their certifications and qualifications underpinned by BlockChain technology

It is our belief that all the above go a long way in addressing the “value” proposition which in turn starts changing that mindset of clients and candidates for the better.

The future is clear and simple. Companies will start seeing the value of recruiters again and with the right candidates being placed, companies will actively seek recruiters to help with their placements instead of avoiding them. The value will return to the recruitment service.

The technology will continue to innovate, and RECii will always be at the forefront to ensure we can continue to advance the recruitment and other industries.

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