Do People Really Know What AI Is?

With many blockbuster films using artificial intelligence (AI) in their central plots, one might think they already understand the basics of AI and its applications in the modern world. With the possibility of intelligent and self-learning machines taking over human jobs and running the globe, it is quite easy to cast AI as the villain. However, the truth is much more complicated than fiction.

So, before you turn up your nose from trying AI as a viable business solution, here are some of the things you should know.

RECii wants to change the mindset over the recruitment industry

There is a very negative stigma around the recruitment industry. However, when delving more into that stigma, I realised that it’s not the recruiters that the negativity is aimed at, but mainly the legacy recruitment processes that are in place. The fundamental issue is that many clients and candidates don’t see the value of recruiters and feel like their fees are too high. Time for a change…

Its been a week since our official launch on LinkedIn….

Firstly, thank you from everyone at RECii

We have been inundated with messages of congratulations, offers of support, new partnership opportunities and umpteen requests to talk to owners of Recruitment Agencies, in-house Recruitment teams and Heads of Human Resources/ HR asking for more information and insight about what we’re up to at RECii. We are planning to see or speak to each and everyone who has been in contact over the coming weeks.


Reconnaissance Information Intelligence for the Recruitment Industry

Welcome to the first blog for our new business RECii.

For our team, this is the first time we’ve publically started telling the world about what we’ve been doing at RECii HQ. So we hope you like what we have been up to.