Elective Technology Press Kit

Our Story

In June 2018, one of the founding members of Elective Technology was asked to present to a group of C-level executives in the recruitment industry. The topic of the presentation was Chatbots, what is Artificial Intelligence and how it could be implemented into the industry to advance it. After the presentation, the response to the presentation was emphatic and the question was soon raised, “When can we sign up?”.

Shortly after, in August 2018, Elective Technology Ltd was formed and we are growing rapidly.

Our Mission

At Elective, our mission is to deliver AI voice solutions that enable recruitment businesses to grow. As technology continues to advance and evolve, we build strong relationships with our partners to guide them through the transition and add value at every stage.

Our Approach

We aim to delight customers with a great experience that integrates seamlessly with their existing recruitment processes and to return immediate and real value back into your business by empowering you to identify better candidates in less time.  

Elective Technology delivers Recii, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine with a focus specifically machine learning for the recruitment industry: Recruitment, Recording of Voice, Intelligence, and Information to empower and improve recruitment for recruiter and candidates. Recii includes a Voice Conversational Assistant enabled with Voice Commerce and Biometrics capabilities.

Recii aims to automate up to 80% of the recruiters and consultants daily tasks, making it easier and more efficient to undertake their candidate searching, profiling, pre-screening and matching.

Recii technology can

  • Deliver an AI platform that helps with admin intensives tasks enabling consultants to focus on adding value across each stage of the process.
  • Provide greater insights enabling more effective and informed decisions to be made.
  • Utilise machine learning algorithms for continual improvement on finding correct matches as requirements either change or get more defined.
  • Combine new and existing technologies through a single interface with four primary access points: Chatbots, Voice, API and Website.

Our Brand

Our name represents what we do and our focus: Recruitment, Recording of Voice, Intelligence, and Information to empower and improve recruitment for recruiter and candidates through natural conversation.

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Globe Quays, 16 Globe Road, Leeds, England, LS11 5QG, GB

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