Its been a week since our official launch on LinkedIn…. Thank you from everyone at RECii

I have two things to say…

Firstly, thank you.

We have been inundated with messages of congratulations, offers of support, new partnership opportunities and umpteen requests to talk to owners of Recruitment Agencies, in-house Recruitment teams and Heads of Human Resources/ HR asking for more information and insight about what we’re up to at RECii. We are planning to see or speak to each and everyone who has been in contact over the coming weeks.

Secondly, when you’re building a new technology for the recruitment industry, it’s fascinating to reflect on the power and scale of Linkedin. Possibly the largest, most influential and powerful technology business that has done so much to help ‘put people in the right company.’ I’ve taken some time this week to research how LinkedIn, amongst competition from other platforms like Xing and Viadeo, asserted itself as by far an away the market leader. I would gladly give up equity in my business just to spend 30 minutes to talk to Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin to hear all the war stories (I found this interesting article here about how Linkedin came to be so dominant:

Speaking with Venture Capitalists over the past few weeks has also informed us that this is a more crowded sector that we first perceived. This notion of every HR/recruitment tech company being a competitor to RECii couldn’t be further from the truth.

Investors recognize that AI is already influencing how clients and agencies source and evaluate candidates. However, we firmly believe that the amalgamation of different services in this space create huge beneficial gains and efficiencies.

(Take a look at Linkedin’s Series B deck, pitched to Greylock here:

That’s why at RECii, our tech infrastructure has been developed to operate with existing Recruitment systems (CRM / ATS). Once a candidate has been through the RECii end-to-end process, we can ensure that the right candidates are placed in the right position. In addition, if a candidate isn’t suitable for position, we can recommend them towards training systems and tools, to help them further their careers, upskill their talents or discover other opportunities with the recruitment company that is more suited.

We’ll continue to share some of our thoughts, opinions, insights, problems, successes (of course!) and anything else we find general interesting in this market, so please follow us on Linkedin, Facebook or on our Medium blog.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about what we are up to, have some ideas how you can help RECii now or at some point in the future. Or more pertinently, are interested in joining our growing team of AI / ML developers and engineers.






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