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A year in review

Well. That was a weird one.

2020 has thrown things at us that we couldn’t even fathom a year ago.

Yet here we are, coming towards the end of what will be for most, a truly historic year.

For all the negatives and hardships that 2020 has presented, it has also presented an unparalleled opportunity for the technology sector.

And now we get to really nerd out and talk about what we think of it all and where it might lead us.

The common thread through each industry evolution this year has been the theme of collaboration. 2020 has been the year of video and more specifically, the year of Zoom! But Zoom hasn’t been stand alone in its mammoth task of connectivity...

A whole heap of collaboration tools proliferated and more importantly, the willingness (or maybe necessity) to adopt integrated technology suddenly upped. While corporations and businesses maximised their system use for official purposes, we also saw a lot of first-time users for personal use.

Video helped to facilitate official calls, board meets and the exchange of important files and data.

Zoom quiz anyone? You’re on mute!

While webinars, online conferences and virtual round tables helped to fill the void left by physical meetings, we still crave the human interaction of such events. Maybe in 2021 we will see the ongoing evolution of 3D and VR collaboration?

Working in the space of Big Data and AI is always interesting. We are quite literally at the forefront of technological advances but, this year has seen a huge leap forward in the openness of people to embrace such tech.

With such large volumes of data being presented to us every day, it’s no wonder people are searching for a way to sort and organise it. AI allows us to bring a level of clarity to an unclarified world, as we can dissect and organise the data to allow people to make informed decisions.

The potential for AI intervention and further innovation is huge.

AI has the potential capabilities to check the geographical densities of COVID-19 cases and recommend different lockdown timetables to every part of the world.

It could allow us to further develop drones and driverless cars allowing essential supply chains to continue to work without human intervention. Tesla surpassing Toyota as the most valuable car company may be indicative of this.

Then we look at the medical field. The use of local robotics is already in place in a lot of hospitals but, could we also have more robotic surgeries? Exploring the world of nanotechnology and its potential benefits towards vaccines and PPE?

The beauty of AI is that it is possible to track everything at a micro and macro level modifying its recommendations repeatedly.

Is there anything more important than this in 2020 and moving forward?

For now, we at Recii help recruiters screen, assess and make educated decisions of candidate applications. That’s the focus for 2021 but in truth, who knows where our technology can take us. All we know is we will continue to innovate and continually improve for the better.