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Automate your outreach with Recii

Automation doesn't kill recruitment but, human error might!

At Recii we stand behind the premise that humans can’t be replaced in the recruitment process but, this doesn't mean we can’t improve on the current set-up.

The past 12 months has seen a fundamental shift in the recruitment world. From a candidate driven market to a role driven space, where there are more candidates than you can shake a fist at!

We need to automate parts of the recruitment process to simply deal with the volume while maintaining a streamline process.

So, instead of looking at your recruitment process in its entirety, we thought we would break down the best parts to automate.

Job Postings

If you’re still writing each job advert manually, you’re missing a trick. Not only do your job adverts have to be engaging they should also be inclusive.

Platforms like Get - Optimal not only optimise grammar, spelling and unconscious gender bias they also optimise how job seekers search online for positions.

Platforms like this not only attract better candidates, they also save time, increase efficiency and boost people effectiveness.

More and better applicants? It just makes sense.

Applicant Screening

Manually reviewing every single applicant and shortlisting them against their skills and experience is time consuming, but it also allows for a lot of human error.

This means candidates could be missed due to “screening fatigue”.

Using screening tools like Recii, you can automate this entire section. Each applicant is screened and assessed against the role specifications ensuring each applicant is given a fair opportunity.

No more sorting through endless applicants, focus on the key ones that are qualified for the role!

Easy Interviewing

We have moved away from the endless back and forth needed to arrange interviews. With the emergence of software such as Calendly, candidates can now automatically book a call into the diary of an interviewer. After selecting a time slot, an automated email invite is sent to both interviewer and interviewees containing all the interview details. Simple!

Although video interviews have been on the scene for a while, they have been thrust into the limelight since the pandemic!

There are some brilliant recruitment specific tools on the market that give the candidate easy access to video meetings. Tools like Odro even allow the candidate to record their application in their own time.

Are we at a stage where the recruitment process could (or should!) be totally automated?

No, we’re foolish to think certain areas couldn’t do with a little automation love.