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Candidate shortages in healthcare: 3 ways to increase your talent pool

It’s no secret that the healthcare sector has been overwhelmingly busy in the past 18 months.

An industry that was arguably already stretched has been pushed to its ultimate boundaries and as the world begins to reopen, those boundaries have burst.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and the dreaded B word in full effect (Brexit….), available, and skilled healthcare workers are in short supply.

Recent publications have highlighted this shortage with most healthcare roles receiving fewer than 15% of the applicants they received a year previous.

What does this mean for the recruiters trying to secure this talent?

Here’s three ways you can get more out of your healthcare talent pool;

1. Re-Engage your CRM/Data Base

With a lack of new inbound talent, recruiters are being forced to rehash and reinvest in their existing database looking internally for suitable candidates.

Most recruitment companies pride themselves on having a large, well engaged talent pool at the ready on their data base. The harsh reality is that you may have a large talent pool but, how engaged or not it is remains to be seen.

To re-engage your talent pool you need to tediously call each candidate while meticulously updating each file to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was an automated system that could do a lot of this heavy lifting for you? Simply highlighting the candidates that fit the criteria you’re looking for? Recii.

2. Get your documentation in order

Assuming right to work checks fall with you and your agency, we recommend bringing these to the forefront of your process. With the introduction of new regulations with the arrival of Brexit, ensure you’re a step ahead of the process with the right documentation.

Remember, a lot of these checks can still be completed over video with the deferment of regulation until April 2022 .

Make sure you don’t forget about any educational certificate you may also need. Get them done early, you don’t want to slow the process down at the final stages!

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3. Remember who makes you money

Yes, the client foots the bill but, without the candidate, there would be no bill to foot. Make sure that your candidates are able to move through the recruitment journey with ease, keeping them posted at each stage and ensuring the process is as streamlined as possible.

If you haven’t reviewed your candidate journey in a while, the time is now!

Keep your application process simple, allow candidates to apply using their LinkedIn profile, ensure your submission platform supports pdf, word and all the usual CV formats and please, please please (!) don’t make your applicants rewrite their CV into an application form…

Time is precious and people value their time.

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The global healthcare sector’s problems of escalating demand, budget pressures, and caregiver shortages existed long before COVID-19. However, the pandemic has pushed resources further than ever before.

Tackling this challenge will take more than just hard work - it will take automation, technology and most importantly, the ability to adapt.