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Automate your outreach with Recii

Qualify candidates at scale with conversational AI

Recii is a conversational AI platform that allows you to screen and assess more candidates without sacrificing on quality.

How it works
What is Recii?

Recii is an innovative AI voicebot that engages with and screens candidates in a channel that suits them! We work across Voice, WhatsApp, WebChat and Text.

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Job Description & Interview Questions

To start the process with Recii, all you need is a job description.

Job Description

Post your job description into your CRM/ATS and it will automatically appear in Recii.

Intuitive Learning

Based on the job title and role description, Recii will automatically assign the most suitable and insightful screening questions to present to candidates.

Flexible Screening

These questions can be altered or changed by the recruitment consultant if they choose.

Outreach & Engagement

Recii's multi channel voice bot increases engagement rates with candidates by 20%

Multi Channel Voicebot

Engage with candidates on a channel and time to suit them - WhatsApp, WebChannel, Text and Voice

Screening Assessment

Complete the first stage assessment qualifying candidate suitability

Pre-Qualified Candidates

CRM auto populated with pre-qualified candidates & data

Data & Insights

Capture in-depth insight into the suitability of your candidates

Automated Candidate Discovery

Outreach to 100s of candidates and find right candidates hidden in your ATS/CRM

Candidate Score Grading

Each candidate is assessed to match the original job description based on the answers they provide to the screening questions

Candidate Score Grading

Our easy to view UI gives you an accurate score on suitability as well as candidate engagement levels